Feature Film. Horror Drama. French language.
Written with Stephan Deraucroix & Elza Kephart
Optioned by EMA Films

Beatrice, a wealthy businesswoman diagnosed with a fatal illness, moves to the country with her young lover. She soon discovers her house is inhabited by the previous owner’s violent spirit, who seeks to become incarnate once more. Beatrice realises he holds the key to her survival, and a dangerous game begins between them. Beatrice will come to realise there are only two possible outcomes: death or immortality. Who will be victorious?

*Funded in development by SODEC


Limited Series. Supernatural Mystery.
Created by Elza Kephart & Stephan Deraucroix

Set in a barren mining town in northern Canada, in the bleak mid-winter, Night of the Pendulum retells an ancient story with a modern twist. For the past 80 years, men working for the mine have been disappearing. No one pays any attention to these disappearances, for they are frequently workers from out of town. What no one realizes is that these men are being sacrificed to keep the three Harkness sisters, owners of the gold mine, alive. Since their mother’s discovery of a powerful, supernatural stone, enabling them to tap the gold-rich vein under their island home, they have collected untold riches. However, in exchange, they must sacrifice a man every seven years, or die from the stone’s curse. For, like Mother Nature, the stone gives, but it also takes away. Unless male energy is renewed on a regular basis, the Harkness women suffer and die from the stone’s curse; they are the both the blessed and blighted guardians of this fragile equilibrium.


TV Series. Horror Drama.
Created by Patricia Gomez Zlatar & Elza Kephart

Lucas, a vampire living in the suburbs with his pregnant human wife, is tracked down by members of his blood drinking tribe. They face imminent extinction unless Lucas finds a cure for their inability to reproduce, something he has vowed never to undertake.

In Sweet Blood, vampires come from an isolated tribe plagued by a fatal allergy to the sun and lethal anemia. They live sheltered in their insular mountain stronghold, having created a society with its own rigid rules and religion, where most members are totally unaware of the outside world. Lucas left to forge a new life over a century ago, and is now quietly settled in suburbia with his pregnant wife Miriam. The series begins when two tribe members, Marek and Trina, have tracked him down because the tribe is dying off and is unable to reproduce. They need Lucas’s help and will not leave until he finds a solution. This turn of events will throw all their lives in upheaval.

*Selected to the Torino SeriesLab
*Selected to the Fantasia Frontieres Market
*Selected to the Series Mania Market
*Funded in development by SODEC, Telefilm and the Quebec Council for Arts & Letters