75 minutes I Horror l 2020 I Co-written and directed by Elza Kephart I Produced by EMA Films & Head on the Door Productions 

SLAXX tells the story of a possessed pair of jeans brought to life to punish the unscrupulous practices of a trendy clothing company. Shipped to the company’s flagship store, Slaxx proceeds to wreak bloody carnage on the staff that is locked in overnight to set up the new collection. When the body count mounts, the panicked staff disbands and the struggle for survival begins. It is up to new-hire Libby to uncover the reason behind Slaxx’s blood thirst before the store opens and its evil is released into the world.

“Mayhem with a message”
-The New York Times

“Amusing and sharp”
-The Guardian

“Creative, original and gory as hell, Slaxx is a perfect fit.”
-Ghastly Grinning


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Fantasia Film Festival (Winner Best Canadian Feature), Sitges International Film Festival, Frightfest UK (Winner Best Monster for the Killer Pants), Gérardmer Festival de Films Fantastiques, BIFAN International Fantasy Film Festival, Mile High Horror Film Festival, among others....


Canada: Vimeo OTT 

International: Visit WTFilms
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61 minutes I 2013 I Fantasy I Written, directed & co-produced by Elza Kephart I Produced by Midnight Kingdom Films

Go in the Wilderness tells the story of Lilith, Adam’s rebellious first mate, and her guardian, as they forge an uneasy alliance on their journey back to Eden. Once in the Garden, they meet Adam and his new mate Eve, and realise that all is not as it seems in Paradise... Shot against the striking backdrop of Quebec’s remote North Shore, Go in the Wilderness presents a bold new version of the myth of Creation.

“Go in the Wilderness offers a seductive and daring interpretation of the Holy Scriptures.”

“Audacious, surprising, fantastical and absurd.... ... very impressive visually... loaded with mythic Girl Power!”




Festival du nouveau cinema, Sarasota Film Festival, Pineapple Film Festival


VOD: Les films du 3 mars
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82 minutes I 2003 I Horror I Directed, Co-written and Co-produced by Elza Kephart I Produced by Bastard Amber Productions

GRAVEYARD ALIVE follows the story of Patsy, a lonely, dreamy nurse who, after being bitten by a zombie, becomes a flesh-eating sex kitten. With her newfound powers, she tries to win back her old flame, the suave and handsome Dr. Dox, from Goodie Tueschuze, a bitchy young nurse. Shot in titillating Techniscope, Graveyard Alive is General Hospital meets Night of the Living Dead!

"Very cleverly made... terrific-looking"

“The most fun I've had with a zombie flick since... ever!"
-efilm critic

“You might think you should feel guilty watching GRAVEYARD ALIVE... but it's fun!"
-Film Threat

#2 on Essential viewing for fans of ‘Warm Bodies’ – Zombies In Love


GRAVEYARD ALIVE - TRAILER from Midnight Kingdom Films on Vimeo.

FESTIVALS: Cinenygma, Cinequest, Fantasia, Fantasporto, Sitges (Brigadoon Section), Slamdance (Winner: Best Cinematography), +more


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Pasteques: Vampires du Draa

(Watermelons: Vampires of the Drâa)
2:26 min | 2021 | Experimental | By Elza Kephart & Ali Mhidi | Produced by Les productions Ensemble (Anemun), Co-produced by Midnight Kingdom Films

“Thought provoking short film, a nice poetic expression of an environmental issue of mono culture leading to water scarcity and ecological destruction. Successfully negotiated the rare combination of Horror in an EcoFilm!”
-Babul Eco Film Festival 

Winner: Honorable Mention - Festival International des Films d’environnement de Chefchaouen
Official Selection: Babul Eco Film Festival (India)

Pour en savoir plus sur les oasis du Drâa et leur assèchement lisez “Protéger les dernières oasis”

in search of a lost continent

3min | 2016 | Experimental | By Elza Kephart |


Traverse Film Festival, Festival International Signes de Nuits (Paris), Festival internazionale Segni della note (Urbino)